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Hi! I'm Amanda! I just wanted to take a second to thank you for visiting my page. Please enjoy and reach out with any questions you may have.

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Our Namesakes

I've been asked 1000 times or more what the D and M stand for in our farm name. The farm was named to commemorate my heart dogs that passed in late 2021 and early 2022. 




Dinah was the sweetest girl. Anyone that met her loved her immediately. Although she was deaf, she was so intuitive and got me through many hard times. She was a character and always had me laughing. She went everywhere with me and I miss her dearly.


Marley found my family in 2009. He was the handsomest boy and was so bonded with Dinah he never left her side. Even when they decided to run around the neighborhood without me, he was forever her ears. Marley was the kindest and most polite dog. He would often lure you in with his sweetness then decide you were going to pet him for the remainder of your stay.


Where it started...


I've always had the love in my heart for farm animals. My grandma grew up on a wheat farm in Kenaston, Saskatchewan in Canada. She always had tales about the animals. She is solely responsible for my love of horses since she gifted me my first riding lessons when I was little. Grandma left the farm and moved to California, but her stories let the Wopschall Farm live on.


Now I'm located in Vista, CA. A lovely semi rural town in San Diego county. I started a backyard flock of chickens and started growing several crops to cut down on my grocery bill. That led to producing handmade goods to support my chicken habit (let's be honest here... chicken math is real). I continue to dream about expanding to include a milk cow and goats. My hobby and de-stressing mechanism has manifested its way into a full blown business and I couldn't be more grateful for all of you. You are the thing that keeps me going. Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure quality.

Meet the Animals

Attila the Hen


Attila is a Salmon Faverolle hen out of Little Lane Farms in Lakeside. She is the sweetest bearded girl and has the biggest personality of all the hens. She enjoys running around in circles, ringing bells, and eating as much as possible.


Regina George


Regina is an Easter Egger with an attitude. Unwillingly situated in the middle of the pecking order, she never misses an opportunity to try to climb her way to the top by picking on others. Likes: Various worms and caterpillars. Running away when you're trying to catch her Dislikes: Everything and everyone.


Patsy Cline


Patsy is the matriarch of the flock and is a Black Copper Maran from Vom Lance Family Farm. She is sweet and content. She is a big fan of dust baths and making noises like she's laying an egg but not laying any. When they were smaller, she used to let Attila sleep under her wing. I think she'll be a great mom someday.


Henny Belefonte & Margaret Hatcher


Henny and Margaret are both Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons from Little Farm in Bonita. They are content and calm birds who enjoy roaming around and scratching for bugs.



Diesel is the best boy. He is a 9 year old blue nose pit bull who loves his chickens. His other favorite things are eating and sleeping.


Ernie Biggs

Ernie is a the caretaker of the brooder and loves to watch the chicks. He's 13 years old and is an avid mouser when he's not sleeping.


The Terrorist/Sassy

Sassy or more aptly known as the terrorist is the most recent addition. She was found outside and has completely disrupted the order in our home. I hate to admit she's actually growing on me and has become great pest control.

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